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Food photography is not so simple

As part of my day to day work I am developing food products through a couple of ,y other companies – Ion Syrup and Premo From London. This involves another photographic area that I never really thought about till last year when  I needed to work on social media, Twitter and a blog.  Photographing food… Continue reading Food photography is not so simple

Floral Photography

On the road

The road from our hamlet to the local town of Gouzon is lovely.  It rolls and dips between the fields, still straight as the Romans built, and is a great place to grab a quick photo of the roadside flowers that spring up.  All through the year the cycle of seeds and weather create swaths… Continue reading On the road

Floral Photography

Wild Weeds

Thistles and nettles may not be everyone’s favourite, unless you make the nettles into some lovely home made wine, but as they they wilted under the heat of the late summer I caught them on camera to catch their stubbornness. Where some die in the heat, others continue to grow and find cool places in… Continue reading Wild Weeds

Floral Photography

Late evening hedgerow grasses

Our barn is right in the middle of meadows where cows graze with their young calves and young bullocks frolic and show off.  The hedgerows are full of wild flowers, grasses and insects and on late autumn evenings as the light falls, the colours of the fruit laden brambles, hawthorns and other thorny hedge plants… Continue reading Late evening hedgerow grasses