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Bee Happy

This little guy , a Common Carder Bee, was so engrossed in collecting nectar, he was oblivious to my zoom lens. It’s hard to get bees facing you for photos. They spot you and always seem to turn their bottoms to you. Hard to focus on them too,  but fun trying. I used to be… Continue reading Bee Happy

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O-Dose fragrance oils

You read about perfumes and fragrance oils in Vogue, Cosmo, and Porter and pass through the heady aromas of jasmine, tuber rose, vetiver and sandalwood in the large Oxford Street London stores and with little tabs of slim paper  test, spray and dab a cacophony of scents on your wrists and wonder which suits you best,… Continue reading O-Dose fragrance oils

My Company Projects · Premo From London

A little bear with a big nose -Premo from London

Once upon a time there was a little bear who lived in London.  He sat in the shop front of a delicatessen selling tea, honey pickles and cold hams.  In 1967 he came home in a brown paper bag on the back of a bicycle to be given to a little girl who kept him… Continue reading A little bear with a big nose -Premo from London

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Ion Pine Cone and Fir Tip Syrup

The Carpathians in Transylvania not only provide glorious views across meadows full of wild flowers and mountain vistas, but wild forests full of wild boar, brown bears and places to forage for mushrooms and other wild berries to turn into fruit syrups and cordials.  But the pines and firs in the forests also provide in May and… Continue reading Ion Pine Cone and Fir Tip Syrup