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French picnics

The journey to our home in France takes about nine hours from Calais and we make regular stops for mini picnics – crusty bread, chunks of brie, boiled eggs and coleslaw.  French motor ways have lovely parking areas, where you can picnic and stop for a nap if you want before pushing on.  This one… Continue reading French picnics

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Blackheath wildflowers

Blackheath near Greenwich, in London, is a broad expanse of common land where the locals walk, fly kites, and take their dogs for exercise.  Running all along the edge of the road that cuts through, leading to Shooters Hill are wildflowers, a crazy mixture of bright pinks, purples and lemon yellows. Every couple of years they mow them… Continue reading Blackheath wildflowers

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Hidden in the fields

Sometimes hidden in the grasses in the meadows near where I live, you suddenly see a little bright splash of colour in the sunlight and with a little perseverance with the telephoto and depth of field you get these lovely little portraits of our many varied wild flowers. I have yet to name this one. … Continue reading Hidden in the fields

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Last winter leaves

In Valcea, Romania there is a small park by the river and last winter when the snow had almost obliterated every pathway I took a detour across town to try and capture the last few leaves hanging on before the final weight of snow shook them down. I love the greyness here and sense of cold. The… Continue reading Last winter leaves

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Flowers on the streets

I used to live in London, right in the centre, ten minutes along the River Thames to Westminster, then later nearer the City, where the big banks hang out and the money is made.  For a floral photographer not an ideal place, apart from a few parks full of planted beds, but I still wanted… Continue reading Flowers on the streets

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Carpathian meadows

In the late afternoon, as the suns heat rises and the light creates lovely silhouettes and bright colours, the meadows in Valcea, Romania, are great to photograph. We have a house there and the town is surrounded by mountains.  With forests, wild flower meadows and up in the Transylvanian Alps a more dramatic landscape to… Continue reading Carpathian meadows

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Flowers for interiors

Sometimes you  go through an afternoons photo shoot and you see an image that you know will work for an interior.  I love graphic art and with a small tweak an image can take on a whole new look, perfect for adding colour to a room or where you might want a picture for a bare wall,… Continue reading Flowers for interiors

The Barn

The Barn and The Boys

What could be better than fulfilling a wish you have had for as long as you can remember – to buy a barn in France, with a garden, surrounded by fields with cows grazing and town nearby to get your daily fix of French stick loafs. We chose a very rural part of France, the… Continue reading The Barn and The Boys