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Teasing times

As a child in the 1970’s I loved the dried Teasels every woman seemed to have in her home and as time went by they became dustier and one day as time moved, they were no longer loved and dried teasels became unfashionable. It is a shame as I still love these cruelly prickled seed… Continue reading Teasing times

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Charolais Cattle

Our home is slap bang in the middle of beef farming pastures and lush grassland and that means cows everywhere.  All day these creamy cows frolic and chew the cud, follow us inquisitively if we come into view and provide many humorous moments of cow interactions. They are docile, full of character and one of… Continue reading Charolais Cattle

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Fun in the Woodshed

Every girl needs a woodshed to have fun in and if it isn’t quite the way Lady Chatterley would have had in mind, I am going to enjoy mine just as much, well once we have put the door on anyway! For clarity, Lady Chatterley of DH Lawrence fame, would meet her game keeper for… Continue reading Fun in the Woodshed

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The Sweet and Sour

Arriving back in France has been a jolt to the system, a commitment to getting life back on track and not to lament too many things that have gone wrong over the last year.  Loosing a couple of business ventures, money and now with little if no income, but with  home to build, I am… Continue reading The Sweet and Sour