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Tea and sympathy

“Je dois avoir une tasse de the” is probably the only words in French I felt were necessary. In fact, given I cannot function without said cup of tea in the morning – “must have” is still one of the only methods of getting me out of bed. In this very cold patch of winter,… Continue reading Tea and sympathy

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This Is Indie

He is not fond of other cats, although the “girlfriend” visits every day.  Sometimes its a standoff, noisy, other times polite circling and then a fast run back into the safety of my mothers home.  HE is a bit of a cowardly custard – needs toughening up I think. Indie came from a cat home,… Continue reading This Is Indie

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In the news – Tony Costin

With Brexit, President Macron and Trump all making the news so often, my other half was inspired to go political for a change.  Our French Euro having a spat with the English pound and Trump, well probably thinking about his next Tweet. Find many more characters at Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes.

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Project Farm

From last March, I have been stalking round my neighbours farm, snapping nervous cows, yapping dogs and farmer too.  The seasons brought work to the farm – feeding, ploughing, hay making and calves to birth.  Its a lonely job being a beef farmer and most days Christian is on his own, doing what he does,… Continue reading Project Farm

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Cheeses of Paris

I have a growing passion for cheese as much as I have a growing passion for France. This year I moved to France permanently and as many Brits I arrived via Euro Star into the Gare Du Nord, Paris. I had a couple of days before my next train, to my future home in Limousine,… Continue reading Cheeses of Paris

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Technology in the countryside

Taking photos on the “big camera” as I call the Canon Mark III is quite time consuming. It’s a heavy camera, especially with the 70-210mm lens to get close-ups – eyelashes of cows for example, and if stability needed, I need to lug the tripod too. One solution for the blog was to get a Tamron… Continue reading Technology in the countryside