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Naughty Goose

Very excited to have at last designed my first fabric for children, and honestly for a great group of poultry loving homesteaders and keepers I connect with on social media. Getting great feedback.

I have for a very long time had a passion for fabrics, especially retro, folk and pre-1920’s designs, plus the ubiquitous English florals. My poultry inspired some recent illustrations in prep for my childrens stories…a huge project that will take many years, and doodling around with patterns I decided to try and design a fabric.

It’s not easy. I know a lot about soft furnishings, especially curtains and the scale needed but I know little about Photoshop and the permutations of colour and shape are endless. However I am an obstinate soul and Tony was extremely patient showing me how the software worked. After two evenings I was happy with the result. Based on my naughty goose Bumble, my love of illustration, strong shapes and colours and inspired by American feed sacks, those turn of the century flour, sugar and cereal bags that companies printed skirt and dress patterns on, I think it turned out well.

Already a few requests for the fabric…it will be available in approximately two weeks I hope. I am waiting on a colour chart and fabric swatches to ensure it all goes smoothly.

My fabric is called “Naughy goose stripe”.

If you like this, please let me know in comments. I will keep a note and let you know when it will be ready.

Pretty pink stripe.
Hoping this will work on my next fabric.

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