Moo Pictures

Welcome to Moo Pictures – snaps of these wonderful characters who make me smile on a daily basis.  We live in Limousine cow country and our home is slap bang in the middle of a beef farm.  Its not always easy knowing these a bred for meat, but whilst I live here, I wanted to capture their all weather life, friendships and interactions.  Enjoy.

Judi Castille Charolaise eating grass

Judi Castille - Bull Mistrale

Judi Castille - Charolaise in the snow

Judi Castille In the open 2

Judi-Castille-Cows-drinkingJudi Castille Cows hiding in grassJudi Castille Mr BullJudi Castille Mr Bull in the buttercups

Judi Castille Curious CowsJudi Castille Sneaking a little peekJudi Castille How to clean my noseJudi Castille Friends to the end 2

Judi Castille Snacking on hayJudi Castille Curiosity

Judi Castille Have itch will scratch