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Teasing times

As a child in the 1970’s I loved the dried Teasels every woman seemed to have in her home and as time went by they became dustier and one day as time moved, they were no longer loved and dried teasels became unfashionable. It is a shame as I still love these cruelly prickled seed… Continue reading Teasing times

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Wild and wonderful

I had a garden five years ago which I had to abandon when I divorced.  It wasn’t a large garden, more a Edwardian pocket handkerchief, but I had started to fill this with flowers I could cut, dry and bring into the house. Even when they faded and dried, they were re-cycled into linen bags… Continue reading Wild and wonderful

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Almost missed

This tiny little delicate seed head was hidden in a dark obscure mossy place down by our local stream. I had forgotten my tripod, so holding my breath to get the shot was turning me blue.  I am not yet skilled in connecting two or three  images to bring this lovely seed head, almost star anise,… Continue reading Almost missed

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Its a London thing

Sometimes you take a photo and years later upon seeing it again, memories flood back, you delve back into the box of old pictures and huddle on the bed amongst a disorderly history of your life.  The lid goes back on the box, the box goes back on the shelf and you will probably find… Continue reading Its a London thing

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The wild in wildflowers

Last year my wild flowers, encouraged from existing wild species, from clearing evasive monster weeds, and removal of strangling meadow grasses, was in just five minutes destroyed by the hedge trimmer.  Good intentions to keep the meadows tidy, but hang on a minute – outside my patch! My overgrown meadow, yet to become a garden… Continue reading The wild in wildflowers

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IGPOTY – Why I was not International Garden Photographer Of The Year

I find entering photographic competitions a double-edged sword.  My partner says that if I do not win I will be sad and think I have failed – not so.  I do believe there is a place for competitions.  For one the winners photographs are hugely inspiring and wild flowers always feature as a category in… Continue reading IGPOTY – Why I was not International Garden Photographer Of The Year

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Wine and Roses

A day off being lazy last week.  I didn’t have my camera only my phone. I wanted to capture the hazy light of a day after rain and the carafe of red wine and the roses with their pretty blotched shades of yellow and pink. I added some graininess to keep the photo looking soft… Continue reading Wine and Roses