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First snow

It snowed! So excited as it isn’t supposed to snow here. Couldn’t wait till morning, had to jump out with camera and rush into the garden.  It was so quiet, beautiful and the dark lanes and fields were lit in soft reflection from this new white blanket.  The sky is heavy with snow, so tomorrow I will be out.  The landscape will be magical, a lovely early Christmas present before I leave for England.

Judi Castille - snow fell

3 thoughts on “First snow

  1. I must admit I was surprised at the assertion that it would never snow in your area but bowed to the wisdom of a local…. being a total snow Bird I am entirely delighted for you. Get out and enjoy the dance 😊


  2. I must admit I was skeptical when you said it never snows in le Creuse but I bowed to the infinitely greater wisdom of the locals …. heavenly therefore that you have some before you set off for London. Enjoy releasing your inner child and marveling at the iced landscape which surely must look divine and I look forward to your pictures.


    1. We thought the same, but we have been out, it is lovely. The cows are not so keen and they look very muddy, very forlorn and huddle en-mass round their hey feeder to keep warm. Had four calves born this week with one rejected by its mother. So cute, it was snoozing and grunting in its little side pen.

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