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Foraging Future

From 2013 to early this year I had invested a huge amount of time and finances on bringing to commerciality a conifer syrup that originated from a recipe my husband’s father made from the pine cones and fir tips he collected whilst walking the local mountains. He was a mountain man – both in his… Continue reading Foraging Future

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Always have a Plan B

Its what hits you side on that takes you by surprise – they say. The train arrives faster than you had allowed and you thought you had enough engine power to get across the line. But you don’t. You have driven over this route so many times, you know the risks, you have assessed, put… Continue reading Always have a Plan B

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A voice – a journey.

The world is full of a cornucopia of blogs, lifestyle photographers, craft projects, entrepreneurs and travellers.  It is hard on the very best of days to promote your businesses, to show case your work and find a voice to say how great your products are, that you adore what you do and would move heaven… Continue reading A voice – a journey.

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Ion Conifer Syrups at work

Tony has been working diligently over the last few weeks re-working Ion Conifer Syrups website.  He has done a great job bringing the woody shades of the conifers, mountains and land into the site.  We both put a huge amount of work into this business, web work, photography, manufacturing, distribution, costing and account work.  I… Continue reading Ion Conifer Syrups at work

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Fun with Food

When the weather is not being nice or the wind is being just a little too boisterous, I turn to food photography to cheer the day.  I am new to this genre and finding my feet.  Food photography is not easy.  There are choices to be made – dark and moody, clinical white with clean… Continue reading Fun with Food

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Not all syrups are made equally — Ion Syrup Blog

The expectation when you walk into a delicatessen is of unique products, hand-made artisan products, products that have a ethical message behind them. So often though the products on offer are not upon close inspection anything but. It is a shame to often see branded products on both the deli shelves and on the supermarket […]… Continue reading Not all syrups are made equally — Ion Syrup Blog

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Ion Pine Cone Bud Syrups – syrup from the mountains

During may and June of each year the Carpathian mountains in Romania blossom with wild flowers, pine and fir buds.  This new growth is packed full of oil and when simmered slowly for a few hours with added sugar, fresh herbs and citrus fruits, creates a deliciously rich syrup, dark and tangy, aniseed and licorice,… Continue reading Ion Pine Cone Bud Syrups – syrup from the mountains