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Ion Conifer Syrups at work

Tony has been working diligently over the last few weeks re-working Ion Conifer Syrups website.  He has done a great job bringing the woody shades of the conifers, mountains and land into the site.  We both put a huge amount of work into this business, web work, photography, manufacturing, distribution, costing and account work.  I know it is popular to state in many books about entrepreneurs and business owners that they should delegate,  assign the dull stuff to others, manage their life work balance and somehow shrug off all the troublesome stressful issues during an early morning run or yoga session.

This doesn’t work for me.  I love work.  I like a deadline looming to keep me on my toes.  I love yoga, but its not an excuse to blot out the business.  I am lucky that me and my husband both have the right skills gained over many, many years and that for some miracle we actually do not cross over role too much.

In our business I am finance, photography and costing. Tony is web work, intellectual property and marketing.  This means we cant really argue about the other, as we both live in slight ignorance of the others skills.  But sometimes meetings can be animated; he is Latin and I am Protestant, he likes black coffee and I like tea.  But over the years we agree on more things than we disagree and we both love our conifer syrup.  Our baby.

This is a very new product to the market and we are the only ones who make it without additives and slow cook to a rich syrup.  Competition is coming into the market and I have written various articles on the Ion Syrup Blog about additives, foraging trend and knowing where your food comes from.  Go have a look.

All you can do in business is keep pursuing what makes you happy [and yes does pay the bills].


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