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Unlikely combinations

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise … order from a lady in Georgia, USA, which given the enthusiasm of the Southern States for my guinea illustrations, mugs and fabrics, wasn’t in itself a surprise. I believe with their strong homesteading roots and often paired with religious fervour to till the land, guineas feature heavily in… Continue reading Unlikely combinations

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Mountain retreat for a Transylvanian

What a long day today. We finally completed our property purchases by signing for our rear barn and mountain house. I hadn’t slept well. Over did work at the farmhouse and my back was angry. On the second signing I was drifting off. I can understand French ok. Can’t speak it but it’s tiring when… Continue reading Mountain retreat for a Transylvanian

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A European Cheese tour

Tony and I decided to take a road trip around Europe, in an attempt to see as many cities as we could over a almost four weeks.  Everyone thought we were mad taking my old car, but it seemed the simplest way to see the countries we passed through.  One of the difficulties of making… Continue reading A European Cheese tour

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Ion Conifer Syrups at work

Tony has been working diligently over the last few weeks re-working Ion Conifer Syrups website.  He has done a great job bringing the woody shades of the conifers, mountains and land into the site.  We both put a huge amount of work into this business, web work, photography, manufacturing, distribution, costing and account work.  I… Continue reading Ion Conifer Syrups at work

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My local countryside

I have never been a great fan of having my photo taken, but my husband over the last year has been sneaking a few and actually they are not as bad as I thought.  So in this world of social networking, I wanted to say hello, this is me on location. The bee trucks are… Continue reading My local countryside

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Romanian Romantic

A couple of years ago I married a Transylvanian. He doesn’t bite but he is romantic, loves life, the mountains, good home cooked food and French Pugs. He is also a workaholic like me. So I get to travel to Romania a lot. A beautiful country, heaped in traditions and rural living just outside the… Continue reading Romanian Romantic