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Honey Bee Suite

Back in 2013 I begun a business that would I hoped import fine Romanian honey – Acacia, mint, Linden, wildflower, fir to name a few.  We were also making conifer syrups from the pine and fir forests near Transylvania [ our families area] and honey was a natural extension of this.  I contacted German suppliers too,… Continue reading Honey Bee Suite

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Baby Vache

Well this week was eventful. On Wednesday morning after being woken suddenly with a pounding migraine and being sick on the hour every hour, at 3 o’clock the local emergency ambulance service was called, run in our area by volunteers and very fast to our door, to whisk me off to Montlucon Hospital. After a… Continue reading Baby Vache

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Trapped in the chimney

In La Petite Maison, our temporary home whilst the barn is being renovated, we have a chimney and every morning the waking sparrows squabble and chase each other for an energetic couple of hours.  Competition to make nests here is fierce and the clatter of pebbles often wakes us, as they tumble down the chimney.… Continue reading Trapped in the chimney

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In the shade

August was extremely hot and we hid behind shutters sipping cool spritzers.  The cows too felt the heat and shuffled and wiggled themselves perfectly into the oak trees shadow and waited patiently till the sun cooled a little around four in the afternoon.  How many cows can you get under a tree? In some cases… Continue reading In the shade

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We have a very small community here at Auge and even smaller our side of the road, as the motorway cut the village in two. Our side kept the cows and the other side kept the church. Winding down a small lane between the pastures you come across a huge couple of barns belonging to… Continue reading Neighbours

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So noisy in the countryside

Holing up in the depths of the countryside, nothing happens, too quiet, you will forget about civilization, are just a few comments were heard when we left England. After a few months here, France couldn’t be further from any of this. The countryside is noisy, from the early morning daily collection and delivery of thousands… Continue reading So noisy in the countryside

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At the bottom of our garden

June and July have been solid work, pushing to get our home and gardens clear of overgrown woodland, brambles, piles of unwanted packaging from our moves and painting all our buildings and new fences from a huge array of pots left by my father from his garage.  We are now left with an off assortment… Continue reading At the bottom of our garden