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In the dog house

Dogs need a dog house. It can get -23 degrees here and upto 46 degrees in the height of summer. Dogs need to be spoilt sometimes and dogs need a quiet, calm down when your hot over excited space too. Dogs need to share their house with cats. A two tier system with a cat cubicle away from silly dog antics but also a shared space as a dog is a great hot water bottle!

You need a feeding table, a verandah to stay dry and cool in but still be outside enough to woof at the world or have a head start on chasing cats and you need those sleeping arrangements needed by all busy Jack Russells when you’ve had a busy day, err, snoozing on the sofa!

So here it is. Not painted pretty blue yet but made of reclaimed house shutters to form a feeding and food storage area, followed by cosy outdoor fairweather veranda, then inner draughtfree verandah, very warm and sheltered and then into the deep inner depths of cosy blankets, cushions and a heater! Yep we get a heater too. Those little paws dont want to get too chilly!

Daydreaming about treats.
Ralph Lauren moment.
Did you ask if I needed an extra blanket?
This is so exhausting.

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