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Room with a view

When it rains, as it did today, I hole up in my office and tackle all the outstanding letters, accounts and papers that I procrastinate about.  An easy option when the sun is out, cool breezes and the garden calling for me to potter – any excuse not to stay inside.  Now into our first… Continue reading Room with a view

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Mr Bull – not camera shy

Mr Bull -Bos Taurus [cattle], our docile neighbour.  He is home alone at the moment, missing the girls and killing time snoozing and scratching amongst the buttercups. The bulls are hired in each year to work their romantic magic on the girls and whilst waiting, Mr Bull groans and moans – a rumbling, resonant sound… Continue reading Mr Bull – not camera shy

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One of the long term plans in coming to France was health.  Fed up with rainy grey days in England and longing for long summers, we found our barn in cow country, rolling hills and meadows, where the weather changes by the hour.  A temperate area with fierce storms and gales followed by three solid… Continue reading Vegetarian

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Woman Pause

I am not normally a vain person and in fact I spend most of my time without make-up. Over the years my skin needed little attention if the insomniac night has ravaged it.  I suffered with insomnia for many years and joined the group of people who realise they can learn foreign languages at two in… Continue reading Woman Pause

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Teasing times

As a child in the 1970’s I loved the dried Teasels every woman seemed to have in her home and as time went by they became dustier and one day as time moved, they were no longer loved and dried teasels became unfashionable. It is a shame as I still love these cruelly prickled seed… Continue reading Teasing times