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Home at the barn

We bought this barn for a song, way back in 2015 and since then have had a roller coaster of events, all lurking somewhere on this blog, from failed businesses, to property investments, new career paths and health scares. But, and a drum roll please……we are in and its cosy, bright and beautiful!

Since buying life has changed and we found ourself a lovely farmhouse where I could home all the poultry better, have an orchard, a large vegetable plot and a studio. The barn sadly was not to be our dream home aftetall. However, now its partly complete ( there is still another half to finish), we wanted to at least live in it for a few months before renting out and it’s been lovely.

We are going to name the self-contained section Pea Cottage and add little Pea themed finds and a few of my whimsical Giant Pea pictures, so some of my work gets shown. It’s a slightly childlike interior with lots of bold colour…lovely when you’ve had a long journey and are in the holiday mood.

The Giant Pea.

A random selection of photos follow…..

Temporary curtains. The door numbers have meanings to us.
Hearth tiled at last…recycled stock.
Historic ghosts of hinges.
Cutaway the shelf to still see the stone below.
Found an old piece of wood, like a wave, for the showroom.
Trimming round the stonework.
Reclaimed tiles.
My dad’s broom handle becomes a pole. This table cloth will be remade into curtains.
We wanted a bright simple shelf.

Tiles almost complete.
We found a lovely old piece of timber for the door top.
Bag holder
The old door upcycled
Bright colours and we left the old door with its whitewash. Just needed a light wax.
The tiling seemed to go on and on.
Bedroom desk.

3 thoughts on “Home at the barn

    1. Thankyou. It’s a very special place with find memories and especially in a country that tends to let their building fall, it feels right to restore them. In our area the stone masons were famous for building Paris and many fine buildings here have fallen.


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