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Snug in a snug

The lower room in our farmhouse is a little dark, so why not go a little darker and create a cosy snug? Inspired by my Scottish ancestry and the collection of tartans and tweeds I have in my fabric stash and using the lovely Aubusson Blue chalk paint, which is funny given Aubusson, the tapestry town, is just an hour away, we went for a lot of wood, warm shades and eventually the walls will be painted a soft miss green and the far wall covered in a lovely burnt orange, plumb and green tartan.

The emerald green lamps were found at a brocante, as was all the furniture here. A couple of the cabinets were free finds that were in the cellar and after a good clean, sandpaper and paint, were enough to work as book cases. The fireback after a good wirebrush and blacking, revealed Napoleon on horseback. I bit of research revealed its worth about €450.00!

Our next little interior element here is to cover panels in various tweeds I have and muted shaded tartans and add between the wall beams. It will insulate, add quiet and colour.

The furniture all had a little colour added to bring out the carvings, shapes etc and the little bookcase, being a tad dull, had a few little blocked areas to create shapes, as in the legs.

6 thoughts on “Snug in a snug

      1. I absolutely get it. I lived in France ( the gers) for many years. It’s a beautiful country too. And there’s no doubt that the weather is better! 😊


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