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Rooster Booster

Ronnie rooster…gentle, caring, last to bed and liked by all the hens. Since Pipi passed, Bovril our guinea has befriended Ronnie and since Ronnie has got more wobbly on his feet, won’t go to bed till his sideways crowing friend has gone in the coop.

We adopted Ronnie a few years back. He was being a little naughty with his owners, suffering with leg mites, which was probably making him a little angry and exasperated the situation, as they were unable to treat him. This cycle led Ronnie to be put up for adoption with us and honestly from day one, Ronnie was adorable. I love cockerels and really leave the ball in their court to start a friendship. Ronnie allowed me to clean up his legs, treat the mites, bandage his sore toes and ultimately, due to the severity of the scaly mite infestation, he had to have one of his toes removed. Brave Ronnie healed well, but still, two years later, I weekly tend to his feet ensuring everything is clean, smooth and no infections. Lately he is getting a little wobbly, I think a little arthritis has set in, and he cannot perch anymore, choosing rather to sleep in a comfy nest of straw, but still within view of all the hens.

Ronnie shares the flock with two other cockerels. Its very harmonious. He has his favorite hens and keeps a low profile, often sitting beside our batchelor flock in the other garden when he wants a quiet snooze. It’s lovely seeing him happy and I do hope he has many more years ahead. The angry young rooster has finally mellowed.

3 thoughts on “Rooster Booster

  1. Loving your chicken and goose antics! We are thinking of chickens next spring once the house is built. Any advice for newbies with no bird experience?


    1. Hello, get 2 or 5 chickens to avoid bullying, as it does happen..the pecking order can be a bit stressful. Marans give the strongest shelled eggs, the girls are very broody and friendly. Rhode Islands are the most social and naughty. Feed good mixed grain and avoid pellet food as it promotes egg laying which ultimately ends up putting a stress on the girls. The whole grain foods are more natural for them and allows them to rest up a bit over winter. Watch bottoms, feet and crop. Look out for mites and use hemp for your coop as very hygienic. Chickens are wonderful and fresh can’t get better. Just give them alot of attention and they will be a happy, healthy gang.

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