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Nagging your boyfriend

Heff was adopted. A big cuddly duck who was rather a stud muffin. Penquin was the lucky survivor of a pine Martin attack, loosing both her sisters, Daisy and Darcey. Left alone, Penquin hooked up with Heff. Heff wasn’t so keen, as he adored Daisy, but when you have an insistent girlfriend and your a rather a weak natured duck, well you know you just have to go with it.

So there they go…Penquin nagging Heff about where to go, when, and not happy when he gets his curly wurly out inappropriately. Marriage made in heaven! ♡

Here is Heffs new girls. Lottie the runner really likes Heff, but like Penquin she pretends she doesn’t, and nags him.

Sadly we lost Penquin last year, too soon, with an egg issue. Partly due to laying too much due to over stimulation by Heff. If you can, always move your girls into a seperate area for a good few months after the mating season, to rest. Unfortunately I only had Penquin and Heff and she would scream blue murder if I tried to seperate them. It’s a decision I now regret and should have been firmer. Now I have lots of ducks and Heff is still enjoying flirting even though he has a bad leg and no more Casanova moments.

This video is dedicated to lovable, anxious, and at times cross Penquin. RIP 🌈.

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