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Going to a Gallery

A recent opencall from a lovely gallery in Neath, South Wales, led me to be a little cheeky. I didn’t want to risk loosing my original illustrations, sending from France during the end of year postal problems, but also collecting could be a slight issue.

So I asked if I could send prints instead, and the lovely owner came back saying that I should send examples via email and after a short wait, I got a very positive response. They loved my work and were happy to sell my prints and originals, if I ever decided to go that route. Well an excitment and adrenalin rush ensued and today I posted off the first ten prints, all mounted and in cellophane.

The gallery is Queen Street Gallery, in Neath, South Wales in UK.

And for the month of March, at a local venue to me, I am showing some recent originals. I am especially happy with the little set of etched and tinted garden birds and these too should be heading for the gallery very soon. I used a mix of old and new frames, decoupage papers and a mix of styles and sizes. Proceeds of which will go towards buying a lino cutting set, another passion of mine.

A future print. Happy little Fulmar in coloured pencil and pan pastels.

6 thoughts on “Going to a Gallery

      1. Yes that would be wonderful – what grade paper will it be on please? Shall I call you next week to discuss? Pam


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