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Unlikely combinations

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise … order from a lady in Georgia, USA, which given the enthusiasm of the Southern States for my guinea illustrations, mugs and fabrics, wasn’t in itself a surprise. I believe with their strong homesteading roots and often paired with religious fervour to till the land, guineas feature heavily in their poultry selections, not only for eggs, but as early warning alarms, but mad-cap entertainment and companionship.

If you’ve ever heard a group of guineas excited about nothing in particular then be prepared to have sore eardrums. And with the added silly jumps, somersaults that often accompany an ear blasting, that’s guineas for you. Funny bone horned heads with big red flappy wattles, skinny necks and huge body, and those bright orange feet….unique and almost dinosaur, but adored by many, astonished by others not so into these feathered friends.

Image from a book commission in progress.

As you might be aware from earlier posts, I had eight originally but lost six to hunting dogs, leaving my beloved Pipi with her love struck mate, Bovril. She was my muse and started me back on illustrating that I had not touched since a child. The Southern State Americans went mad and helped set my business up and running, enthusiastically purchasing guinea products but most of all sending me joyful messages and comradeship.

I joined many guinea forums and when Pipi passed sadly too early, due to an egg problem, I sought solace with my Southern friends. Bovril stepped up to look after the hen flock, now that Mr Chicken and Ronnie roosters were getting slower, and took his role very seriously. Every day he will follow me round the coop as I collect eggs and clean, just to ensure everyone is safe. He scans the skies for Hawkes and chases away the geese. Bovril is certainly a hard worker.

So when Ukraine was invaded and everyone was raising charitable donations, what better way than the guineas. I designed fabrics around the Ukrainian colours including traditional designed knits for Pipi and symbolic flowers and folk costumes.

It’s been a good incentive to donate as it’s enabled me to forward a good sum that might otherwise have been so effective. But the surprise, we’ll more for the lady in Alabama. Her son does humanitarian work for Ukraine whilst stationed in Romania, my husbands homeland and whilst looking for a guinea gift, she came upon my site, not only offering many guinea designs, but supporting a worthy cause too…a great but unlikely combination in an online shop. She sent me some lovely messages and we have had a good few conversations this week. Her son is going to do amazing things with his work and I am pleased my guineas will find a courageous spirited home. With a slightly stressful few weeks, this reminded me that I am very fortunate. The lady was happy too and it made my day.

More guinea designs to support Ukraine can be found here:

Asking for Support for Ukraine

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