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100 days of fishes

I don’t normally attempt to follow trends on Instagram due to limited time, but back in February, after working for sometime on my shop, my Pipi Guineas and Naughty Geese designs, plus alot of fabrics, and having a wonderful time communicating to happy customers, I decided I would try #the100dayproject2022.

I wanted a subject that was less whimsical, yet still fun with character and colours. I also wanted at some point to illustrate my other favorite subject, apart from poultry, fishes and crustaceans…all those funny shapes, expressions, claws, tentacles and fins woukd be a challenge. So I started. Below are a selection. I have had great feedback and I am enjoying the project far more than anticipated. In fact it’s helped my confidence so much, experimenting with colour and composition, trying to add elements that represent the character of the fish, that just this week I accepted a commission to illustrate a children’s book…I am on cloud 9, or should I say…I have found my Atlantis!

I am a little behind, but I will end with 100 illustrations, a good body of work to take further. Fishes for the first 25, then deep sea creatures, crustaceans and finally seashore.

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