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Paul McCartney

In this world there are musician that’s stand the test of time and there are two that seem to have been around since the dawn of modern music…Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger. The decades pass and come hell or high water, these two perform still, enthusiastically, and professionally, with an energy I can rarely muster at almost 25 years below their tally!

My heart

Mick Jagger went to school in Dartford, the same school as my ex-husband and but he saw the Rolling Stones just once before the band globe trotted. He was a fan and introduced me to bands like Led Zeppelin, Yes, Tangerine Dream, Genesis; and blues…Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Robert Cray. His friends were the same and my early 20’s were filled with these stalwart bands, by now quite historic and biking. We would head for the Frog and Bucket in our leathers and act cool. Paul and the Beatles wouldnt feature at all.

The two camps…The Stones and Beatles wasn’t my way of choosing music. To me both were as good as each other. Different genre but one no less amazing than the other. The scorn poured on the Beatles was tiresome to me and back home from the ‘cool dudes’ at the pub, I would listen to Paul McCartney, now of Wings and I loved that he had moved with the music scene and evolved. Years later I would work at the famous Curtain Exchange in Abbey Road, and obviously That Crossing featured often in my lunchtime walks.

Fast forward to just a few months ago, my husband was introduced to Paul McCartneys back catalogue. He too was a Stones fan…the Beatles were not cool. A potted history later, a few runs of Paul’s extensive repatoire and finally Tony stated, Paul was great. I dug out Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Band, Band on the Run and a compilation from a recent tour and Paul Live was just brilliant and given he was in his 70’s, every bit as good as Mick, when I saw him at the O2 a few years back, still strutting his stuff like a teenager.

So the post? Paul is 80 years old this year. Wow! His amazing life is being celebrated in many ways but one artist I love and follow is Stitchin-In-The-Kitchen. Have a wander over to Instagram and view her wonderful portraits, sewn on her ancient, beautiful Singer sewing machine. Her creativity is a niche and unique and to celebrate the octogenarian, we are being asked to contribute hearts that will be sewn into Paul’s jacket, before the portrait goes into exhibition. I love any opportunity to participate in art projects or collaborations, so rather than simply buy or send a heart, I designed one specifically.

My heart features feathers for Wings, the year he inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, a Yellow Submarine, a Quarryman ( their first band), notes, and my own design for Liverpool, where it all started, with its Cormorant emblem. Its actually triggered an idea for a future project too.

The plan for the jacket.

Below are a selection of her wonderful portraits. Her Singer sewing machine is so retro and I love her enthusiasm for her craft. ♡

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