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Feathered gang

Finally the Canon Mark III came out in the sun. Long overdue, I wanted to take pictures of my feathered friends. We have lost a few this year and sadly I had few photos of them and I feel bad about this and need to resolve. Every day is precious and no time is the perfect time, but I sure know that when I found Pickle, my little social, chatty, worm loving hen this week, slumped on the grass, a quick end to overian cancer, I felt acutely aware that I hadn’t spent enough time with her. Ok I visit twice a day or sometimes more to do coop chores and feed, but it’s not quality time, slow time, moments time.

So I start and will do more.

Mr Chicken. Head cockerel.
Heff..Mr Curly Wurly pants.
The girls.
Mort, Rollo and Rufus.
Pipi and Bovril.
Mr Chicken….handsome tail.

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