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Feathered gang

Finally the Canon Mark III came out in the sun. Long overdue, I wanted to take pictures of my feathered friends. We have lost a few this year and sadly I had few photos of them and I feel bad about this and need to resolve. Every day is precious and no time is the… Continue reading Feathered gang

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Picture papers

A few weeks ago I grabbed handfuls of saffron from very wet grass, took them home to dry, but ended with sogginess and to the compost they went. A lucky accident, the saffron dyed the papers they were draining on and after drying, they turned out to be great background papers for the herb photos.… Continue reading Picture papers

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Monochrome Madness

Leanne is a fine art photographer in Australia. Her niche is architecture, landscapes using long exposure, dramatic contrast and now infrared, a new exploration into the reverse world of light. Every month Leanne runs a post – Monochrome Madness – where we can post our photos based on the theme set. It’s nice to be… Continue reading Monochrome Madness

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Fun with Food

When the weather is not being nice or the wind is being just a little too boisterous, I turn to food photography to cheer the day.  I am new to this genre and finding my feet.  Food photography is not easy.  There are choices to be made – dark and moody, clinical white with clean… Continue reading Fun with Food

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O-Dose fragrance oils

You read about perfumes and fragrance oils in Vogue, Cosmo, and Porter and pass through the heady aromas of jasmine, tuber rose, vetiver and sandalwood in the large Oxford Street London stores and with little tabs of slim paper  test, spray and dab a cacophony of scents on your wrists and wonder which suits you best,… Continue reading O-Dose fragrance oils

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Ion Pine Cone and Fir Tip Syrup

The Carpathians in Transylvania not only provide glorious views across meadows full of wild flowers and mountain vistas, but wild forests full of wild boar, brown bears and places to forage for mushrooms and other wild berries to turn into fruit syrups and cordials.  But the pines and firs in the forests also provide in May and… Continue reading Ion Pine Cone and Fir Tip Syrup

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Food photography is not so simple

As part of my day to day work I am developing food products through a couple of ,y other companies – Ion Syrup and Premo From London. This involves another photographic area that I never really thought about till last year when  I needed to work on social media, Twitter and a blog.  Photographing food… Continue reading Food photography is not so simple