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O-Dose fragrance oils

You read about perfumes and fragrance oils in Vogue, Cosmo, and Porter and pass through the heady aromas of jasmine, tuber rose, vetiver and sandalwood in the large Oxford Street London stores and with little tabs of slim paper  test, spray and dab a cacophony of scents on your wrists and wonder which suits you best, your signature one, the one that will share your day and your evenings.

I was always a little adverse to perfumes.  Some too sweet, too citrus, too floral.  The only one I liked by Lanvin was no longer imported to London after the late 1980’s.   The perfumes didn’t always last the day and the paraphernalia of refilling atomizers was just too fiddly and fell by the way side.


But then my business partner decided that he wanted to develop a range of fragrance oils.  These small, concentrated oils packed a punch of aroma, were small enough to carry all day and lasted.  Suddenly I was testing the longevity of the oils, which had clear notes and long wear.  We excitedly developed the brand, sourced our lovely calf leather and began work on pulling together a commercial set of adverts to represent each fragrance.   I wanted the images to represent everyday situations, but to draw inspiration from both the shades of the leathers and the notes of the fragrances.   Summer City has a fresh  citrus aroma, with bergamot and nutmeg, light  for day wear.  The bright green leather reminded us of summer leaves, newly cut grass, limes, green crunchy apples, or a dash of mint in a long cool tonic with ice.

The adverts took about a year to pull together, the right atmosphere, the imagery and connection to the fragrance.  I am in one, for fun, but I wont say which – that would be telling.

Now we just need to launch, so keep an eye on the site. O-Dose trading as Oil-Dose and O-Dose.

Find all our perfume adverts at

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