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A little bear with a big nose -Premo from London

Once upon a time there was a little bear who lived in London.  He sat in the shop front of a delicatessen selling tea, honey pickles and cold hams.  In 1967 he came home in a brown paper bag on the back of a bicycle to be given to a little girl who kept him as her favourite toy even though everyone thought he looked funny with his big nose.  But she loved him.

Premo from London with Judi

Years later I set up a company to import raw honey into London and design lovely things for cooking and gardening that I liked, and wanted to have inspiration from something very dear to me that always made me smile.  Premo! Of course he loves honey and he was a sort of down to earth guy who would be found in the garden picking herbs and tending to his bee hives.  So Premo took up his role in my company and all his favourite honey on

Premo from London in his tea time colour copy

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