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Monochrome Madness

Leanne is a fine art photographer in Australia. Her niche is architecture, landscapes using long exposure, dramatic contrast and now infrared, a new exploration into the reverse world of light.

Every month Leanne runs a post – Monochrome Madness – where we can post our photos based on the theme set. It’s nice to be able to get your pictures published and get inspired from the other submissions. This month the theme was trees and this is Leanne’s submission and mine is below.


Photography by Leanne Cole

Judi-Castille-The Forrest Cottage

Her exploration of infrared got me thinking too. I am a floral photographer and looking to explore ways of capturing the wildflowers around me for use not only on the blog, but for print work, or for fabric designs. One reason for heading to France was to finally have a premises to run a business from and trying to get back to our first loves of making and crafting. Leanne’s site also details her career path and developing her business in photography – so go have a look and join the Monochrome Madness.

Judi Castille Epping Forest Shaddows

My submission a few months ago – shadows.

One thought on “Monochrome Madness

  1. Oh gosh … those pictures are sublime. I will certainly go and take a look and might even be inspired to join in though my efforts I’m afraid won’t be half as good. I am sure your creative endeavours will be well-received here. The French are much better at appreciating single things of quality, I think. The UK has, to some extent fallen foul of the US Mass consumer culture. Here it is fine to buy a single cup because you love it, a cushion that you adore and there is an understanding that a thing of beauty, hand-made has a price-tag. I wish you huge success and look forward to seeing more of your creations photographic and crafted 🙂


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