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Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes

My husband Tony carries a little black notebook wherever he goes, scribbling, jotting.  I think most of it is highly secret, but sometimes a character appears, there is a lot of paper flurries, ink pens on the move and a bit of cursing on photoshop.

Dealing with all our company websites, logos and trade marks I leave to him.  Along with this he also designs products, lamps, clothing graphics, and characters for projects we are working on.  Have a look at his website Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes. 


Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes.










Characters from a scribble.

My first sketched character, The Chicken Lady, was drawn whilst killing time waiting for my partner at the doctors surgery – and was the first character that drew inspiration from seeing the locals passing through the waiting room.

I always had time to kill.

I always think with my right hand, keeping a pen, scribbling on a piece of paper. That’s how I also passed through school.
In the hours I spent at the back of the classroom I didn’t create the Spider Man in action, fighting the bad, no, mine were some chaotic ‘characters’ shaped from dots, lines, awkward forms and missed matched patterns, drawn from the boring inspiration of killing school time. The only organised shape was the A4 paper they were drawn on.
But I never kept one. They were meaningless in my everyday life, a brain’s expression in scribble language. The neurons just killing time.


Time to get more sense.

Then in 2015, I decided to connect all the scribbled lines into something that made a little bit more sense.
Learning professional sketching was something I wasn’t prepare to spend time and life juice to create the perfect fantasy. All I felt was to connect the lines and forms into something I-have-no-idea-what-that-character-will-be.
Now again waiting in the doctor’s waiting room, I tried to put them in a form……….releasing my inner powers to create the first character, a lady ….I come up with a Chicken Lady. There you go. The neurons still working.


The world of Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes.

The scribbles continued and the characters grew. An odd assortment of Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes came together in a name.
All Chaps, Sods and Felowettes characters are spontaneous ad-hoc, taking shape differently line after line, with no story preparation, starting from a scribble .
If there is a real organised world in my head, this is it, the Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes.

5 thoughts on “Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes

    1. We will have a look at your link. Thanks. By the way, the French Cheese book came by Patrick. Absolutely brilliant!! Tonnes of data and answering a lot of my cheese questions. I got a hardback copy and it has that lovely old, yellow, well thumbed feel old second hand books have. I now just have to choose which cheese I should write about first and obviously I will have to taste with a good glass of wine. It’s going to take me some time 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so glad you are enjoying it. It is a true Opus Magni and my French friends continue to be amazed that an Englishman could have written such a detailed and expert book … enjoy all your scientific testing 😉


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