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Trapped in the chimney

In La Petite Maison, our temporary home whilst the barn is being renovated, we have a chimney and every morning the waking sparrows squabble and chase each other for an energetic couple of hours.  Competition to make nests here is fierce and the clatter of pebbles often wakes us, as they tumble down the chimney.

But sometimes this over-excitement back fires and a little sparrow ends up inside the chimney and stuck in the curve at the bottom.  My husband only realised the other day when a lot of cheeping – a cry for help – made him remove the front cover and there  was this little guy.  Tony said he looked relived at seeing daylight and breathing heavily, tired from trying to fly upwards. He sat for a few minutes getting his breath, in time for a photo moment, then flew away.

We are about to light the log burner in a week or so now winter heading towards us, so I think we will be adding chicken wire to the top, or we could fine a little more than simply hot headed sparrows …perish the thought!

Judi Castille Sparrow trapped in chimneyJudi Castille Trapped in the chimney

5 thoughts on “Trapped in the chimney

    1. I couldn’t eat these little guys. It seems the French don’t love sparrows like the English do. Back in UK we have a huge problem with cats killing sparrows, so much so, in some parts you don’t see them any more – real shame 😦

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      1. Sparrows are much more prolific here than in Britain where their numbers have dwindled alarmingly. At least they are not considered a delicacy like Ortolan although I believe most areas are now enforcing the protection order announced a decade ago.


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