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In the shade

August was extremely hot and we hid behind shutters sipping cool spritzers.  The cows too felt the heat and shuffled and wiggled themselves perfectly into the oak trees shadow and waited patiently till the sun cooled a little around four in the afternoon.  How many cows can you get under a tree? In some cases they even stand over each other or tuck calves between legs.  Everyone must make room.

Spotting me with camera, a couple of the more curious cows ventured over and stopped for a cool drink.  If you have a tail its a good idea to sling it over your back when not needed for fly swatting.  And we don’t care if we dribble to camera either!


9 thoughts on “In the shade

      1. Isn’t it a joy? I love the long summers and the first three Autumns I was here stretched to long Indian summers and then abruptly changed the second week in November with snow. I don’t really do grey except perhaps whisper grey for chic interiors


      2. Don’t even get me started on colours for interiors – another subject I love. In a past life, and going to write an article about this On The good Life France, I wanted to be an interior designer. Not being confident enough, I ended up being a tax accountant – not remotely connected and coming here now, I really want to get back to my creative heart. So currently subscribing to a few French interior magazines – learning how to write a French cheque was an experience – and finding the written word far easier to understand than spoken. I don’t speak French, but promised the mayoress I would be fluent in no time!

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      3. You have certainly served your time being a Tax Accountant … now is the time to unfetter that creative spirit in earnest. I ran a business in Britain that helped people maximise the value of their houses for sale and sell quickly. Big dollop of House Doctorage and Interior Deco in it. I loved it and was very successful. But I was hopeless at getting people to pay!!! I’ll look forward to the article on TGLF and bon courage with the French …. it’ll come with time


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