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Egg song

I love my Cou-nous naked neck chickens. Sadly of my original six, only Doobie, Sweetie and Ruby remain but are a source of daily happiness. We have had a few moments of crisis with them too…Ruby suffered from respiratory issues and upto a year ago was constantly blue looking. Doobie had a nasty prolapse due to a big egg and it took over a month for it to heal with twice daily treatments. Sweetie had a swollen abdomen and after seringing out excess liquid from egg production, antibiotic injections and daily physio for a couple of weeks, she recovered except for a limp…obviously some nerve damage.

So my three soldiers are now fit and well and heading for hen-retirement. No eggs to bother them just alot if shouting when someone else lays one!

Either Doobie or Ruby will start to sing and continue for twenty minutes. Then the other ones takes over. Sometimes they get so emotional about it, they cough. If I am in the coop and go and see that special egg, the girls dont sing…so maybe they are actually telling me to get my act together to collect those eggs!

Oh dear. Did you find that egg?

Illustration practice for one of my stories. I am currently working on a collection of stories about a pig, but my three girls feature throughout. I recently did a tentative post on a Facebook forum for Guinea Fowl illustrations and was blown away by the response. I will put up a post next as its opened up a dream I have had for so long to do crafting but coukdnt find my subject or style.

The Facebook and Instagram forums have helped enormously to channel what I can do and want to do. Social chats aside, they have assisted greatly with pushing concepts into reality, researching the cost practicality of projects and the markets for my ideas. Some have appeared from places I wouldnt have thought of and have given me a brain storming session that’s been invaluable. From feeling a little dazed and confused a year ago about where I saw myself now I have retired from tax, I now have a very clear set of projects.

But the main influence came from my poultry and apart from absolutely loving these smart, funny characters, they have provided me with a wealth of material. From writing to illustration, printing and fabric designing, I can finally say Doobie, Cou-Nou, I can-do!

2 thoughts on “Egg song

    1. It’s a huge relief for me after many years of drifting re my art. It was a huge block but now I feel very creative and very happy I can move forward. The cou-nous or naked necks come from Transylvania where Tony comes from too ( must be some inner meaning in that somewhere) and they are just sweeties, so friendly, chatty and full of curiosity. I have 7 Cou-Nou cockerels too…my naughty batchelor flock!


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