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The gang

Toots, Pipi and Fifi hiding from the rain. They share a small coop with three other adopted chickens and Mr Chicken, our huge Cou-Nou rooster. The little coop sits along side the huge main coop as the Guineas like to go to bed earlier and can be very disruptive with their 98db screaming. I really dont know how the chickens put up with it, but my three adopted marans/limousine didn’t want to share the main coop at all. Mr Chicken used to sleep alone but decided screaming or no screaming, sgaringcwith girls was much more fun.

We did have eight guineas, but just a couple of months ago we lost five to a fox attack. Now we have all the fencing completed there is less risk, but even so, everyone is locked in at night just in case. The guineas are absolutely blind at night, hence why they roost earlier in the evening than the chickens. On the odd occasion I get home late, you need to check everyone is in as it’s a hells own job trying to lead them. I have another tiny coop just alongside their coop for stragglers who miss the door. For some reason getting into the coop isn’t simple and often results in three attempts with the silly guinea wandering in a panic round the edge of the building till they literally fall through the door! Not the brightest sparks unfortunately.

When its finally lights out I love the whistles and chirps they make in their sleep. I always say goodnight and you always get a response. Happy guys and fun to have around with their madcap screaming, jumping, curiosity and gang attitude. Everyone should have guineas. Little bursts of fun.

The main coop. Still building this after a year!
The guineas coop with Mr Chicken and the girls.

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