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Shine brightly

My husband is fascinated by lighting design. It’s a project he has long wanted to work on but the French rules on health and safety will make this tricky for a while and ideas will need to be simply created from existing wired models. I too adore lighting. An interior with the lighting that brings out the rooms shape, colours and textures gets me excited. A combination of what I love too in craft…ceramics, wood, leather and fabrics. Then there is the unity of shade and base, the dramatic use of white or black shades in an interior, of freestanding floor lamps, task lamps and spot lamps to light pictures, coffee tables and shadowy corners.

With my growing list of renovations to do, art projects and coop builds, designing lighting was probably not a good idea to tackle. But that little bulb kept winking.

Then I had my light bulb moment….

For my husbands birthday

I can draw lighting! I realized that this satisfied the love of design and art. Maybe I can actually light these drawings in some way too.

So my plan is to work on what I suppose can be termed lighting portraits. Flicking through our many lighting books turned up a wealth of ideas and some land themselves very quickly to obvious subjects, others need a little more surrealism to work. Eventually these may be turned into screen printed subjects or linocut work. The ideas are bright and luminous…now I just need to keep my imagination battery topped up!

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