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Taking perspective

Brilliant book.

I studied One Point, Two Point and Three but never Multi or Curvilinear. Finally a book that really gets into how to do these. I remember I took technical drawing at 11 years old. I was top in my class and my teacher was really excited, as most people found draughting boring. But I was a girl and it was not an option to take after the first year. My tutor tried to make an exception but the school refused.

But I always loved the subject and later took Autocad lessons in my twenties with a wierd guy who was building a Tardis in his very Victorian house….he was also dressed as a Victorian…all very gothic. My husband Mark, now ex…used to wait outside during lessons just in case the guy was a weirdo. He turned out to be ok, but it was sure wierd…his house full of taxidermy, fringed things, gas lamps etc. I used to sit on an ornate chair at a desk while he gave out instructions and co-ordinates. It was quite difficult and now it’s all more streamlined and computerised.

I then went the London Design School, with Lynn Sell and passed an interior design draughting course. There were eight of us..the others were all in interior I was a banker!

I won first prize later with Rhodec for designing a disabled persons kitchen and then almost won a design prize with Vogue for a hotel interior. The competition was pulled as the entrants were not sticking to the brief and some money issues re the prizes. Annoying. I was told mine was in the running for a prize if it had gone ahead. I designed a hotel room in Kenya.

I always loved designing buildings, room schemes….in another life I would be an architect. But for now, happy learning to illustrate geese!

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