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Bumble trouble

Spent some quality time with Bumble today. We had him at just a few weeks, he was yellow, fluffy and cute and he was extremely playful and curious. His favorite toy was a squeaky pig and we would chase each other round the garden with this silly pig, him tackling me and visa versa for this noisy plastic toy.This was back in 2018.

Since then he has grown into a huge goose, a Toulouse with a large dollop of grumpy dewlap in him. That’s the floppy bit under his beak. Although no trouble, he does like to peck and act a little territorial. His companion often tell him off. He hates being told off and his moment of triumph making sure I don’t achieve my tasks, falls flat. I have never been hurt by Bumble and often hear on forums that other people have been hurt really bad in goose attacks, but I wanted to reassure him I am OK, as mostly a goose attack is due to fear, misunderstanding or they are protecting their flock.

I have concluded over the last few years that geese are very courageous, thoughtful and intelligent birds. Bumble over eggs his duties to guard and chases me if I have a bag of hay or apples from the garden and I honestly think he sees the bag as another goose that needs protecting. So today I sat under the apple tree with the bags. I had tough trousers on, thick socks and my phone. The guys came over and I just sat quiet. I got nibbled and Bumble was a little nervous. He lowered his head, but didn’t hiss. I didn’t move, but spoke softly to greet him and ask how his day was. Bonnie and Pip came too and as usual stood in front of me and bobbed their heads and yawned.
I then played music…it seems Paul McCartney goes down a storm. They honked, chatted and then started preening. There was flapping, more preening and then they just stood quietly and listened. Bumble pottered around and nibbled my shoe, my sock and my jumper. He needs me to wear a jacket with ‘goose things’ on it….rubber bits, shiny, crinkly, things to pull, chew and nibble on.

Later I sorted their water. Normally Bumble will chase over and harass me a little. Today he didn’t. He waited calmly for me to finish. A good moment. No drama.
I will continue to spend quality goose time with all my Tolouse goosies. Such a lovely afternoon. I felt humbled I had friends and that also Bumble doesn’t have to worry…he is always safe with me.