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My local countryside

I have never been a great fan of having my photo taken, but my husband over the last year has been sneaking a few and actually they are not as bad as I thought.  So in this world of social networking, I wanted to say hello, this is me on location.

The bee trucks are amazing.  In Transylvania the flowers are plentiful and the bees have their hotel on site without having to look to far to gather their pollen.


The forest here are never-ending and aged trees rise monumentally. It is a stunning area and worth a long visit for the countryside, local crafts and good food.


Romania has great biodiversity and a floral photographers heaven.  I just haven’t timed it right so far and business muscles its way in between me and my camera. But this was a great day out, culminating in cooling toes in the fast flowing river Olt, that runs from the mountain here down through Rm.Valcea where we have a house. When I first met my mother in law she wanted a short cut between the park and the house and taking her shoes off and rolling up her trousers she took us down a short flight of steps and across the river.  I was petrified as I have a slight fear of water.  But she knows the points you can cross and I just had to be brave.

I will be writing an article soon about the mountain man who showed us how he climbs these tall conifers and made me feel very unfit.  Find articles about the conifer syrups we make at

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