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Dogs and Bees and Weeds

This is Sousa.  She is an oriental dog and like all small dogs, noisy and very possessive of her bones.  She lives at our home in Romania and spends the day chasing cats, bees and looking for mice in the huge woodpile we have.  The bees in Romania make superb honey and this sign I found on the internet and like its directness.  Weeds are wild flowers, they give a diverse food source to bees.  I have always preferred photographing wild weeds and flowers to any formal plants and it is a shame so many are mowed away so quickly.  In France and Romania the roads are planted with many wild flowers, swathes of fields are full of cornflowers, poppies, buttercups, daisies and dandelions.  Hedgerows are cut to encourage re-growth and new flowers and wild flowers tumble over each other as the seasons change.  Our Romanian garden is full of flowers, birds and bees and Sousa – barking at thunder storms, barking at cats, barking at nothing in particular – happy bone day Sousa!

Find our raw wild-flower honey at

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