Floral Photography

Flowers for interiors

Sometimes you  go through an afternoons photo shoot and you see an image that you know will work for an interior.  I love graphic art and with a small tweak an image can take on a whole new look, perfect for adding colour to a room or where you might want a picture for a bare wall, but not sure on the subject matter.  Flowers are great for this, neutral and a reminder of the great outdoors and nature.  Here some late evening grasses after rain lent themselves to a blue haze, and the dandelions with their many seed stems, were perfect for zooming in to get a more graphic representation than the normal pom, pom heads you associate with them.  I think they will frame up well and I might add another and pull together as a set of three images.

Judi Castille Clock Flowers detail



Judi Castille Blue Grass

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