19 thoughts on “Morning snow

    1. Hi, first video – took some times to get it sorted, but the other half did a good job. He has a new little film camera – its his birthday – and you cant beat visuals. All the snows gone now, so glad we made the effort. Hope your well.

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      1. My laptop is not being courteous. Still cannot pick up emails, so off to-day to get replacement. Technology has some advantages but I am beginning to think I may end up writing my drafts in good old journals.


      2. Sadly this is why I don’t write when I am travelling … trop stressante when fighting with reluctant technology. I hope all is well with you and send you my warmest as ever x


      3. I decided today to get a tablet with a keyboard. The way forward and easier for travel. Laptops are just too bulky. Also for the blogging, photo work easier via the tablets. Hope your ok too and recovering from all your travelling.

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      4. I use an iPad mini with a Logitech keyboard … have had it for 18 months and it is brilliant. That is generally what I travel with but I have to have wifi and that can be a bit tenuous on the road. I’m fully recovered and getting ready for the next batch next month with a trip to Marcolès planned for next week. It’s about 6.5 hours each way so I have to feel strong to do it on my own 🙂


      5. Yes that seems the best solution. The WiFi issue is awkward especially as I just wont to commit to any contracts. But at the end of the day, nothing is so urgent it cant wait for a few days. And there is always good old McDonalds!

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      6. I used to use Starbucks for the same reason when running my last business which took me all over the country. They have their place even though I can’t abide either corporation 😊


      7. Welcome to the corridors of agony … that Kafkaesque nightmare that is trying to work on the move. Don’t despair…. you’ll be back in France soon enough and can recover before the next dose of angst 😉


      8. Don’t get me started on life complications. You know today a you tube IT guy got excited because he had found a cable that allows a usb port to dock with a tablet and power the usb drive to be able to transfer files. Amazing!!! Who would have thought anyone would want to send pictures between devices! I closed and made a cuppa.


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