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This Is Indie

He is not fond of other cats, although the “girlfriend” visits every day.  Sometimes its a standoff, noisy, other times polite circling and then a fast run back into the safety of my mothers home.  HE is a bit of a cowardly custard – needs toughening up I think.

Indie came from a cat home, like Battersea Dogs, as no one wanted him.  At just two years old, he had ears far to big for his body.  A loner, a little nervous.  No children, no dogs, no cats – ideally should live with a pensioner with space.  My mother fitted the bill perfectly.  Her eighty year old friend provided fast transport for the pickup.  Yes, she drives very fast, apparently, and Indie was swiftly collected.

He did the normal hiding behind the toilet, under the sofa, under the chests of drawers.  He never ventured far beyond the garden.  Routine suited him and he settled into happy, spoilt-rotten security.  As all Tabbies, he is noisy, vocally he knows how to shout and he is persistent.  Loves his food, loves to sleep, well, probably at least two thirds of the day.  Lazy isnt the word.

But life is changing again for Indie – sometime in the near future.  Cats always risk big changes to their lives.  Being a house- cat can be a precarious position sometimes.  Life changes.  Indie is going to be French.  At some point he will be coming to live with us at Auge. The French just need to know he has been micro-chipped and vaccinated.  There will then be the obligatory hard part of keeping Indie in for some weeks to get used to our home.  Walks, probably on a lead, round the garden – not sure he will enjoy that and there will probably be a lot of throwing himself to the ground in cat-protest.  Dogs do leads – cats dont!

From English suburban moggy he will become Le Chat  Francais and I am sure the geese will give him a run for his money too.  I think its going to be a busy time making introductions and hopefully everything with two feet will get on with our new four-footed friend.  Welcome to Indie.




8 thoughts on “This Is Indie

    1. Hopefully. He was rejected by two families when a kitten and two year old. He is quite a nervous one. But I have had moggies for years so will toughen him up a bit. He loves company but he also needs to be a bit more cat and get out and chase mice. More likely though they will chase Indie! I think getting out of surburbian London will work wonders.

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