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Winter firewood

Near our tiny hamlet there are forests. Logging forests for burning and fence making. I drive past here many times meaning to take a photo, but either forget my camera or I am not the driver and too soon we have driven past and it’s too late to stop.

But this week Tony’s injured shoulder meant I drove. I hovered over the break for a moment, continued, then stopped. No I had to take a shot at these eerie woods before all the timber was felled. No camera, just my phone. It will suffice.

Back home I played with filters. It’s not easy deciding how to present a picture. I will go back and try a different angle later. I like the idea of experimenting.

The countryside around my home is beautiful. A picture at every bend in the road. I have hardly taken the camera out for a year, but that will soon change. I need to up my game, practise and find a style I can work with.

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