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Update on the barn project

The sun is finally shining and I got a chance between sniffing into my hankie (I have a cold) and trying to stop Bonnie goose from pecking me (she has hormones!), to do a quick video. It’s countdown to signing for our purchase of the rear stone barn to ours, complete with the large hey barn at the front. It will provide us with double the living space and connect our barn with our little house and garden. No more mud and room to finally park our vehicles off road.

It’s a big conversion as the buildings are glorified cow barns with no utilities or septic tank. The rear barn has no upper floor and it all needs re-roofing. But hey me and Tony are never phased and what’s another project on top of all the others we are doing this year.

The chickens and geese are moving to the Farmhouse in a couple of months and that will mean I can take back my muddy garden and restore it to a full on country cottage garden complete with wild flowers, herbs and cutting flowers. Paths need laying, tonnes of planting, lawn reseeding, fencing installed and probably another 8 birch trees planted to give much needed shade in summer. We may even build a tree house – a childhood dream that never manifested. Never to late I say!

Enjoy my ramblings….

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