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Lions Teeth clock flowers

I photographed this fluffy fronded Dandelion last summer, growing on the verge of a narrow lane in Kent. It was the only one, and I loved its almost graphic quality in the lens, strong lines and whiteness against the green foliage behind.  I have no idea what type it is and I have never seen another like it. Anyone know?

Its a conflict of interest when these aggressive yellow wild weeds invade your garden, and once they turn to puff-ball seed heads, your gardens doomed to be full of them forever, and your poised with a fork to prize them out; but then you see that perfect round silhouette, the sun giving it a chimera edge and your smitten!

I still remember from my childhood when Silvikrin hairspray was advertised showing how it could ensure the seeds of the dandelion would not blow away.  Never tried the experiment, but good marketing.  The dandelion comes from the French -“Lions-Tooth” – at first that seems an odd name, but its actually all about those course leaves with their tooth like edges.   Near our French village I saw a farmer walking his dog and picking bunches of young dandelion leaves.  For salad and tea he told me and very good too.

But I like them as a Dandelion clock, to see if you can reach 12 puffs before every seed has blown away.  Well that’s my garden full of dandelions for sure!



Judi Castille Dandelion fronds

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