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A bike and a camera

I have been away from France for almost a year now.  Pressing work in London meant abandoning the barn, photography and the sunshine for wet and windy England.  Another few months in Romania making our pine syrups and now it is June and I am finally heading back to the meadows and cows and six foot high overgrown grass in my garden.


My basic bike with basket for baguette, blanket and camera. Watch out traffic!

Judi Castille photography

I bought a new camera, complicated and feel like I am a beginner all over again. But with France hopefully having its long summer heat waves and with the addition of a bike [havent ridden one for over twenty years and even then I used to fall off – in fact honestly I was rubbish on a bike], I will try and try and be good and practise.

I love the wild cornflowers in this photo.  Bursts of blue in the sea of gold.  It was a windy day and hard to focus, but the farmers were about to harvest so no time to loose before they lost their heads and were gone for another year.





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