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In flower for 2018

The hedgerows are quiet and in winter slumber.  The ivy is still feeding the last few little pollinators who haven’t realised  yet its time for bed.  The hedge near our house still has pink pillow berries and the nettles never ever notice winter at all, and continue to menace even in their frosted coats.

When I return next year, and life is a little less hectic, I will have time to settle down to my floral portraits.  I have ideas, I will finish my book – a study of our local farm over a year – and many of the local hedgerow characters will get their moment of fame within its pages.  Photography gets stuffed between renovation days, work days, rain days, but I want my resolution for 2018 to be to give it its own days.  I have a bike, a basket and enthusiasm.  I shall pack a picnic, a blanket to crash out on when the knees start to quiver from the uphill climbs and map, as I have the most terrible sense of direction.  If I had a French pug, he would come too, as pooch company always welcome. [on my wish-list].

So happy resolutions everyone, and may your wish-lists and dreams come true in 2018.





11 thoughts on “In flower for 2018

  1. Really stunning images. If you do get to the point of publishing your book give me a holler – I have an excellent contact in the Auvergne who still prints the traditional way using entirely ‘green’ paper. I believe his is the only such business in France.


    1. Hi, thanks. I feel so bad for not having blogged for quite a few weeks. So much up in the air. Will try this afternoon. I missed a couple of really funny potential cow shots yesterday, whilst driving. Frustrating sometimes. The light was good, the characters in position, but we had a large lorry right up our “a#*~”!!! so couldn’t slow or pull off easily. I am definitely ordering a Moomin book this weekend. 🙂


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