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Judi Castille Abandoned.jpgThe time for good cheer and charity, Christmas is on its way and I am slightly childishly excited. I am heading for London and a month to indulge myself enjoying Oxford Streets lights, Selfridges window displays, a visit to the London Museum as I have found that Tony loves history as much as I do [a revelation indeed] and a re-visit to our first flat in London, just down from Westminster, to reminisce about the changes in our lives.

We leave our barn in-finished and maybe for a while, as news from England may detain me for more time than I would like.  Its going to be a tricky time, balancing our needs here and family needs there.  It needs a solution, but I will have some time to work this out, whilst we indulge in Christmas fayre and Christmas spirit.

Balancing family needs seems to also be an issue down in the farm too, and forgive this slightly awkward connection.  Four calves were born these last weeks and three are enjoying the comfort of close knit mothers, the warmth of the barn, and mothers milk.

This poor little thing wasn’t wanted.  The mother just didn’t bond.  Split out from the group, she snuffles and snores on her own. Christian has to bottle feed her in between winter chores; but she is doing ok.  I would have liked to see her up and about, playing with the other calves, but that will have to wait till spring it seems.  I wish her health and happiness At this Christmas time and hope that over the coming weeks, the other mothers will give her the support she needs and she will feel part of the bigger family she has been born into.



13 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. I wish you Godspeed (in the literary rather than the religious iteration) and I wish that poorly little girl strength and courage to survive the winter and be gambling with the best when you return. Lets face it though – it could be worse …. London is pretty damned perfect for Christmas and you are with your love. All shall be well (repeat after me) and all shall be well (stick with this) and all manner of thing shall be well ❤️


  2. What a dear little thing! There’s a silly advert on telly at the moment for Amazon whereby a lady introduces a miniature Shetland pony to her other horses. They reject the little pony, so she orders from Amazon a miniature ‘pony-flap’ for her kitchen door. The final scene is of the tiny pony coming into the house through the pony-flap and standing next to an armchair where the lady sits and twiddles his forelock and strokes his nose! They have found a friend in each other …. Terribly sweet, but that is what I’d like to have done to your calf! Have a little calf-flap 😊 … not sure of the practicality or it, but hey ho! Lovely posts …. I feel as though I’m really following your life. It’s wonderful. ☀️☀️


    1. I saw that advert and it was a tissue moment. I had to dash back to London, so haven’t had an update. Apparently she wasnt doing too well, but hopefully she will hang in there. I will try and find out. I think if I can get my hands on a field near us, I may be adopting a few less fortunate souls from this area. Just this week, my little Nellie pig round the corner was being slaughtered for sausages [just felt awful]. If I had the room I would have taken her. I mean she was only small and how many sausages do you really need!!! I am not a vegetarian but I do support animal welfare.

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      1. Who knows what we might end up doing. Definitely want a dog next year. It seems with Mums situation, I will be bringing her tabbie cat back to live with us. He is lovely and I just cant imagine handing him back to the rescue home after he has put his trust in our family. So I have to do the honourable thing and bring him back here. Furry friends help keep the stress levels down too and that will certainly help as I do have black-dog days sometimes.

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      2. That’s kind of you about the cat … I hope your mum is ok. Dogs too are the best. Ours died a couple of months ago and I’ve really struggled with this. It will be lovely if you could have one next year, as you say, they keep the stress levels down ☀️☀️

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      3. Sorry about your dog. It’s very upsetting when pets pass away. But I usually go and seek out another who needs a home and love quite quickly as they are all adorable. Mum deteriorating but being brave.

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