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Happy New Year

Plans are afoot for 2018.  Whilst in London I have had time to reflect and know that my new life in France is going to be rewarding.  Many bloggers this season have regaled us with humorous stories, tales of Christmas books, making seasonal decorations and walks in winter forests. Its been a delight to read and add my comments.  I wanted to add my own Christmas post, but my London visit has been difficult and I am sure there will be time well into the new year to shed some light on this month.

For now I am missing wintered France, my lovely generous neighbours, my home even with its draughts and unfinished rooms, my sleeping garden, the vaches, the calves.  Coming back to London challenged my emotions.  The New Year fireworks are about to ignite in London and resolutions have been made – strongly.

The blog will be expanding a little, there will be articles about new subjects, ideas will manifest as we continue our renovation project and our Petit Maison becomes our workshop. Our visions for the barn, the desk that will be my place to write my books, the kitchen where recipes will be developed, will finally take shape.  All your comments welcome.  And I will have to start learning French – a resolution for 2018 I have already promised our local mayor.

Thank you for your support over the year.  I wish you all a happy new year, prosperity and joy, rewarding days and fulfilled hopes.


11 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Blogs can be very helpful when thinking through and establishing new patterns of living / thinking / being . . . which sounds very airy-fairy but I’ve noticed with other bloggers that blogging helps weather people through change and patches of anxiety. Bother, this still sounds a bit self-help-ish . . . but it’s true.


    1. Hi Lucy, I agree totally with you. Sometimes I draft a blog and I feel I sound too needy, but then I read other blogs and gain some companionship and help and realise that in our little anxious world, our honesty about our days surely helps. I have been distracted in London for a month but I do feel my January post will be tinged a bit with sadness, but I know fellow bloggers will rally and this month wont be so grey after-all. That’s what I love about blogging – communication just without the paper and postal bit. 🙂


      1. Hear! Hear! I quite agree …. you’re very brave too though. So many of us think and dream about things but don’t actually put them into practice. Do you remember the book A Year in Provence? I read it three times, so you can see why I love your blog so much …. you’re living the dream!


      2. I think you will therefore enjoy the next post I am putting up. It will detail a little about what’s been happening here. I haven’t read Peter Mayle’s book yet, but I am due back in London next week and my mother has a copy for me – I think she is giving me a hint about being a book writer!


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