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Dogs in a storm

The rain hasn’t stopped over the last few weeks. Intermittent bursts of sunshine have pushed their way in between the clouds, but not enough to avoid carrying a jacket, hat and umbrella and often hiding in doorways whilst the heavens thunder and crash.

My big plan had been to have a long day up in the local mountains, in Transylvania near home, to photograph wild flower meadows and capture the grandeur of the scenery and the pine forests. Maybe some close up shots of wild mushrooms to practise with my new macro lens. Simply drop me off, leave me like a pig in mud for the day, with a pack of sandwiches and collect me before evening. Instead it has rained, rained, rained.

Part of me feels guilty. I bet Ansel Adams never put off a day with his camera because of rain. But then again he probably concentrated on one thing at a time, and I have my head in a lot of distracting business ventures, so that was my excuse. However I couldn’t resist snapping Lucky. Every thunder clap sent him running off, then returning soaked. Why was he returning so much instead of hiding in his dog house? Sausages. Imagine the decision making process – thunder, lets run and bark, but sausages, lets run back and try and grab some. This went on for half an hour, back and forth. Sousa? Sensible dog. Stay put and you reap what you sow. A large, hot, oily, whole sausage all to yourself without getting your feet wet, and for once she stopped barking. Little dog, big sausage – match made in heaven.





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