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Photography filters

One huge element of writing this blog is photography. I love taking the camera out and seeing what will turn up. So often this week the camera stayed at home, stupidly I assumed nothing would be worth photographing, only to find this week an adorable pig snouting through the autumn leaves and a neighbour who had a poultry farm – good pickings for the countryside photographer!

So lesson learned, camera ALWAYs carried.

I revisited the pig and will put the photos up soon. I mean who cannot resist a pig who needs to be in his food trough to enjoy dinner!

The countryside here is a photographers heaven, the light is forever changing, which means you have huge scope to get interesting shadows and saturated colours – but you also have to be quick and sometimes I am in the car and the light is perfect, but by the time I have stopped and set up, or, not having the camera, returned next day, the light has moved the shot is lost. Frustrating.

So I must be a little more prepared and sometimes set up for an hour or two and the light will change enough to create the right image.

It’s a huge learning curve for me and coming to France has given me the landscape to practice. I adore floral photography, trees, the husbandry of farming and food photography – the latter based on my previous business exploits and now channelling into the study of cheese. What better way to spend an afternoon – photographing cheese, the eating it all!

I have one issue though and wonder if you can help me on this one. Photography is about chasing light, about emotion, about trying to convey a subject in its best light so to speak. I like filters, I think we all do as we tweak exposure, sharpness, colour and brightness – but I can’t decide what’s best for the blog.

Photography as taken will be a mix of shades and temperatures – some days warm, some cool, some blue and some more yellow. I am often drawn to photographers because they have a “temperature” theme, say their photography is mainly grey, or bright saturated in colour – it is consistent. I am not saying you should ditch “au-naturel”, but I like the continuity across their sites.

I have been using a slightly brown filter with sharpness, but sometimes it’s a little too brown. The photos below show three stages – original, slightly going grey-blue, which I like and my normal filter.

NATURAL [although this did have polarizing filter to push the blue a little]


USUAL BROWN Filter – and the sharpness quite strong

Judi Castille In the open 2

GREY filter – with vignette edge lowered to create a cooler look

Judi Castille In the open 3

Going into photo-shop is like falling into a big candy jar – you can spend forever changing the tones and shades of the picture to get the right flavour your love. I am not into that level of detail attention, but a tweak here and there I do feel helps. The camera can do most things, and I am learning that it is better to be out in the field than behind the pc in the office.

I still have issues over focus. My myopic eyes do not help and my spec-saver glasses are all scratched [only six months old – these are going back!!] and sometimes a tripod just isn’t going to fit in my bag. So apologies if vache isnt perfectly clear, but I simply wanted to convey the misty morning, the openness of the scene.

Which do you like best and why – all opinions welcome.

I also submitted this to Leanne Coles – Monochrome Madness [ see Links I love], in Black and White. Colour doesn’t always translate well into black and white, so maybe next time I should shoot IN black n white and see if that’s an improvement.

Judi-Castille-In-the-Open BW


7 thoughts on “Photography filters

  1. Im no expert but I love the first natural one. I love the fact that the ‘vache’ is really clear in the foreground and you really get a sense of the weather and mood. I totally agree that spotting something you want to photograph and not having your camera with you is so annoying. Check out my pics of squirrels on my last post if you get a chance, I was so glad I had my camera with me that day.


    1. Yes I like the blue of this. Maybe a combination. I had a quick look for your squirrels, but couldn’t find, so will check tomorrow via PC and not mobile.

      I have a small Lumix camera, so at very least I should throw that in my bag when I go out.

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  2. I have no idea what vache is, but I must confess to some confusion. If you are chasing
    light than why do you want the hue to look the same? In that light you don’t need a tripod. Just one body and one lens. 500 @ f 5.6 will do it.

    Pigs on a page? I prefer them on a plate. 📷📷📷⚜️⚜️⚜️🐩🐩🐩


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